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Take Control of Your Healthcare This 4th of July

Freedom to healthcare is a basic human right and one that we want to offer to all Americans at a price that makes sense.

Take Control of Your Healthcare This 4th of July

America was founded on the belief that every person has certain inalienable rights, and that the country grants people the freedom to live the lifestyles they deserve and choose.

We believe that healthcare is an inalienable human right and one that has not been adequately addressed by the current system. And we at Antidote Health strive to be the means to provide people the freedom to access healthcare when and how they need it at a price they can afford.

  • This is why we exist.
  • This is what we do.
  • This is who we are.

Celebrate this Independence Day with us and take control of YOUR healthcare. To celebrate we are offering all new users 50% discount off any of our monthly plans including all individual and family memberships.

Use coupon code "FREEDOM"

Access to healthcare means more than being able to see a doctor or have a virtual visit via video. It means having the peace of mind knowing that you can access and speak to your doctor 24/7 within minutes. For you, your children and your family. Whether it is to ask a question, get diagnosed, get a prescription or or for something more urgent, this is real freedom.

The freedom to work, to raise a family and freedom from worry about lack of medical care. Getting healthcare without insurance is now a reality.

Promotion Terms and Eligibility:

  • Limited to new members only
  • 50% discount available on monthly plans only
  • Discount is for first month only
  • Offer ends 5 July 2021

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