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They have board-certified medical professionals for different health problems.
I just got precious advice for my shoulder pain and I'm working on it now. Amazing service!

Troy Burt

Very helpful physician. She listened to what
I had to say. Gave good advice. A much more relaxed way to speak with a doctor.

Stacy Price

Great service doctor was compassionate, empathetic asked plenty of questions and was very helpful.


Absolutely the easiest and most pleasant experience. Did it while I was at work and got the prescription I needed.

Kai W

I was a good experience all together. The wait was short and the doctor was very helpful explaining everything. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Anthony Morrow

I was skeptical. The personal experience of video chatting with an actual MD is the selling point. No virtual chat that feels like a bot. I'm keeping my subscription and will be using frequently!!!

jenny jones