Quality care that’s affordable & accessible on your terms

Affordable, Accessible and Convenient

Antidote delivers a new member experience that makes it easy for you to take care of your health.​ Our plans fit the budgets and care needs of self-employed, contractors and entrepreneurs, featuring top-quality network providers such as Cleveland Clinic!

  • High quality care with low to no copays​.*

  • Cash back and discounts with our referral program​. ++

  • $0 copay, virtual doctor visits 24/7 with minimal to no wait times​.**

  • Many prescriptions at $0 cost to low cost, so that you'll be able to afford the meds you need.

  • Mental health care on your terms.​

  • $0 copay for initial pre and post natal visits.*

  • $0 copay Pediatric virtual  care any time of the day or night. +

  • High quality convenient
    treatments for chronic conditions.

  • Continuity of care with your chosen Providers​.

  • Access to an extensive network of providers and specialists.

Quality Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

Taking Care of Yourself is This Easy

Your plan includes many benefits that make taking care of your health easy, including: Medical, Behavioral Health, Telehealth, Dental, Pediatric Care, and Vision. Experience the advantages of using our digital first approach to care.

Some examples of how members can use their benefits

Not feeling well? Need everyday care?

Go to our App or log into our website​

See a Provider for both general and pediatric needs with $0 copay*

Get the care you need 24/7!**

Get care

Concerned about a chronic condition such as diabetes or hypertension?

Go to our App or log into our website​

See your dedicated Provider to get care

Benefit from a number of $0 medications and discounted rates for eligible referrals***

Schedule a $0 copay
follow-up appointment with your specialized Provider*

Want to take care of your mental health? ​

Go to our App or log into our website​

Take our online assessment and start your first free session with your dedicated Provider

Start your easy to follow treatment plan with a list of benefits, online therapy groups and self-training content

Have regular
$0 copay visits*