Children Included at Antidote Health

Your telehealth plan with children included is waiting for you at Antidote Health. Grandma & Grandpa are also included for the same price!

Children Included at Antidote Health

One flat monthly fee, that is all it takes to provide telehealth coverage for your whole household, children included. Furthermore, if grandma and grandpa live with you, they will also be covered, and it will cost you the same amount. Our telehealth plans give you and all the members of your household access to unlimited doctor visits around the clock for the same flat monthly fee, to help you maintain your health and thrive as a household.

No Matter the Age, All Children are Included!

Your children are a priority for us as well. That is why your telehealth plan covers all your children no matter their age:

·        From the day you bring them home from the hospital after they are born

·        Until the day they leave

·        For as long as you have your plan with us

One flat fee covers every member of the household no matter the age. Our pediatricians are ready to help all your children through the same account and provide all the assistance they need as they grow.

Grandma and Grandpa Too!

Add the entire family to your monthly plan.

As big as your family might be, our coverage extends to every single member, not only children. Anyone who lives under your roof has access, including grandma and grandpa if they live with you. Our doctors are ready to provide the kind of medical care they need through our Telehealth platform.

Grandma and grandpa also get access to every service you, your spouse, and your children have access to:

·        Online prescription services

·        Our team of specialists

·        A doctor available 24/7throughout the year

·        Emergency medical consults

·        Technical support in case they need help with the app or on the browser

A Flat Monthly Fee

Healthcare should b affordable for the entire family.

Your whole household has access to their doctors and all the services we offer no matter where they are when they consult with us either. Our service is also as affordable as you can imagine. Get household-wide coverage for a low monthly fee.

We guarantee that:

·        There are absolutely no hidden fees or additional fees

·        Our doctors will be available for each household member on a 24/7 basis throughout the year

·        We will commit to a flat monthly fee for as long as your subscription is active

Ready for Telehealth for Every Household Member, Children Included?

Getting telehealth coverage for every household member, children included, is easy. All you have to do is subscribe and as soon as you do, the whole household will have access.

The health of every member of your household will benefit. You will all be able to get the kind of preventive care you need to live your best life and enjoy the company of your family members.

So, go ahead, sign up. If you have any question, please let us know. Our customer care and support staff are also available 24/7 to help you sign up, so you can start using our telehealth services.

Enjoy the benefits of having all our healthcare professionals at your fingertips, whenever you or any of the members of your family needs them. Our staff is happy to welcome you into our growing telehealth family, here at Antidote Health.

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