Concierge Medical Services Near Me

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Concierge Medical Services Near Me

Technology has a way of making luxury services accessible for more people. This is also true in the are of concierge medical services, a niche branch of the healthcare industry that was reserved for the wealthy almost exclusively. So, what are these exclusive healthcare services all about, what is all the hype, and how can Antidote Health deliver ‘concierge medical services near me’ at an affordable price no matter where you are in the US?

What are Concierge Medical Services?

You can now get medical services on demand.

To understand why concierge medical services were so exclusive and how technology has changed that, it is necessary to define them first. Concierge doctor service characteristics include:

·        Direct medical services to their patients

·        An upfront yearly “subscription” payment

·        Specialized treatment is also available, but the yearly fee is much higher – up to 13 times higher

·        A limited number of patients per doctor – usually less than the number of patients that doctor at a clinic would see

·        Less insurance paperwork required – given the yearly fee for medical services

Which Kinds of Services can a Concierge Doctor Provide?

Having a concierge doctor is more than just a luxury. People who acquire this service can benefit from a number of advantages like:

·        More personalized care than what a standard doctor would offer

·        Having their doctor come to them for small emergencies – like stitches

·        Closer follow up regarding medical tests

·        Preventive medicine like physicals and screenings are usually covered by the fee

·        Quicker service – your concierge doctor has less patients to take care of, which translates into greater availability

It is important to note that any doctor providing concierge medical services must comply with all the laws and regulations of that any other physician complies with. The only difference is in how your concierge physician delivers that service, which is where the advantages above stem.

Concierge Medical Services and Technology

Now imagine if you could have access to ‘concierge medical services near me’ at all times and at affordable rates? You would probably consider the opportunity to enroll in such a service and benefit from all the advantages that a concierge doctor delivers on. Thankfully, technology allows you to enroll and pay much less.

Technology allows doctors to take care of their patients without moving or without having the patients coming to them, thanks to telehealth. This allows doctors to have more time to take care of a greater number of patients, so costs drop.

Telehealth also allows your concierge doctor to:

·        Use machine learning and AI in their diagnostic process

·        Combine their services with those of other medical practitioners – like dermatologists and dentists, or even psychologists

·        A doctor available on a24/7 basis

·        Be available no matter where you are

Antidote Health Provides ‘Concierge Medical Services Near Me’

As long as you have internet, a doctor is available 24 hours a day.

This last point is the most important of them all. If you are looking for ‘concierge medical services near me’ you are looking for a local doctor that offers this exclusive service. But what happens when you go out of this hyper-localized area near you? What if you go on vacation, or on a business trip, or you and your family decide to move?

Your concierge physician will not come with you, but your telehealth doctor will. Antidote Health is one of the providers leading this movement into the ‘concierge medical services near me’ that will always remain by your side no matter where you are.

Our doctors are available to treat you and your family wherever you go, offering you personalized medical services powered by AI and machine learning. We can also give you an order for lab tests or other medical examinations wherever you are; Antidote Health has a wide range of partners around the US.

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Now that you know how much more advantageous our services are as compared to those of a concierge doctor, you can take a look at the price and compare it with the cost of having concierge medical services near you. We can cover your whole family for a fraction of the cost of the cheapest concierge service you might be able to find around the area where you live. Once you compare prices, you will understand how telehealth services like Antidote Health will make concierge doctors available to most people.

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