Copay Cards

Copay cards for prescription drugs grant discounts. Antidote Health now offers its own debit card to cover medication costs beyond discounts.

Copay Cards

Copay cards for prescription drugs are a clever way of getting a discount for your medication. But there is a better way to get you amore favorable price and greater consumer flexibility for your prescription medicine. That is why Antidote Health created its own debit card. Our card will give you added benefits when you are ready to go to the checkout or the till, whether you do so online from the comfort of your home or at the pharmacy physically.

What are Copay Cards?

Before we delve into Antidote Health’s new debit card, it is important to understand what copay cards they are exactly, and how work so we can compare them to our card. Here are some of the main characteristics of copay cards:

·        They are tantamount to manufacturer’s coupons

·        Each card grants you a discount for a specific drug from a specific manufacturer

·        Used for brand name drugs that do not have a generic competitor

·        These cards give you discounts but never allow you to get the drugs that you need for free

·        People get copay cards through manufacturer websites directly, or from healthcare professionals –doctors and pharmacists – indirectly

·        Copay cards for prescription drugs are given only to people who have insurance

·        Of you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, you do not qualify for copay cards

·        Copay cards have expiration dates and maximum yearly savings – sometimes manufacturers limit the number of times you can use the cards

Do copay cards offer a special price?

The Drawbacks of Using Copay Cards for Prescription Drugs

Although copay cards play a key role in making drugs affordable for those who would not be able to buy the prescriptions they need otherwise, they present problems for the consumer:

·        Copay cards might discourage competition in the market because they give a price advantage to a pharmaceutical company that already has its product on the shelves

·        When you get your copay cards from a healthcare professional, it puts said healthcare professional in a situation in which you could doubt where their priorities lie

·        If the manufacturer suspends their copay card for prescription drugs, those who depend on it to pay will suddenly find themselves in a potentially life-threatening situation

·        You must have private insurance to get copay cards

·        These cards encourage users to use the brand-name prescription medication even after its patent has ended and the generic version of the drug emerges

No need to carry your card with you, Antidote has you covered.

How is Antidote Health’s Debit Card Better than Copay Cards for Prescription Drugs?

Antidote Health’s Debit Card overcomes many of these drawbacks. Here are some of the characteristics that make our debit cards better than copay cards for prescription drugs:

·        You can buy your prescription drugs from any manufacturer. Antidote Health allows you to make the choice

·        Therefore, our doctors do not have any vested interest in the debit card. Your wellbeing is undoubtedly their priority

·        Antidote Health debit cards do not depend on decision-making on the manufacturer’s side, so they cannot be suspended by any manufacturer suddenly

·        Whether you buy the brand-name or a generic version of a prescription drug, you will be able to use the debit card

·        You do not have to have any kind of insurance to use Antidote Health’s debit card. Medicare and Medicaid recipients can use it to buy their prescription drugs

·        Get all your prescription drugs with a single debit card. You do not have to go from website to website looking for discounts

·        There are no maximums; use the card as many times as you need throughout the year

·        Use your debit card on top of the copay card if you want

Bringing Competition to the Market

The ultimate advantage is the long-term effect that Antidote Health can have on the prescription drug market. When you use our card, you are actively introducing competition into the market. We are disrupting the way we pay for our prescription drugs, forcing manufacturers to give you better deals.

When you use the Antidote Health debit card, you are giving yourself flexibility as a consumer, but you are also playing a small role in improving the copay cards for prescription drugs for everyone else.


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