Do not Use A Fake Doctors Note!

Want to skip work & claim you are sick with a fake doctor's note? Think again. You better know what's at stake before you do that!

Do not Use A Fake Doctors Note!

Do not Use A Fake Doctors Note!

It might look easy. All you need is a template on a PDF, the name of a doctor, and you can fake your doctors note. Except that you should resist that temptation at all costs, even if it seems so easy and the internet gives you the tools necessary to do it.

Reasons why you Should not use a Fake Doctors Note

Some of you might not be persuaded yet. In our effort to help you avoid the temptation, here are the reasons why you should never generate or use a fake doctors note:

1.     It is illegal. That should be enough for you to avoid faking a doctors note

2.     You cannot sign a doctors note in the name of another doctor, or sign one if you are not a licensed physician

3.     Fake notes might be missing critical details that could expose you

4.     Your employer may also have the right to call your healthcare provider and confirm that the note was indeed issued by them if they had you sign a clause authorizing them to do so. HIPAA will not protect you if you have authorized your employer to inquire about your health information

There is a chance no-one will catch you forging a doctors note. But why risk that at all? If you need a doctors note you must have a real reason. Our process here at Antidote Health is quick and you can get a real note fast. Contact us and we will be able to help you online, from the comfort of your home!

Do Fake Doctors Notes Work?

Anyone who uses an online doctors note service like ours will experience the convenience of getting a real note without seeing a doctor physically and without long waiting times. But those who are still interested in forging a note to get out of some commitment, are interested in knowing if that will work for them.

The short answer is that it might. Nevertheless, it is illegal and unethical. Furthermore, you must define what you mean by a fake doctors note that works:

·        Are you looking to get out of a commitment quickly? An online doctor’s note might be easier to get, quicker and most importantly legal!

·        Will you be able to fool the person or organization that you are handing the note to? Maybe, but why risk it when a real note is 100% effective?

·        Can you get away with it? Possibly, but would that prompt you to do it again and risk getting caught?

Are you Risking More Than you Think?

This is the most important point. Besides the ethical and legal ramifications, you are taking an additional risk: creating a habit of generating fake doctors notes, multiplying your chances of actually getting caught.

Your behavior can also encourage you to use fake doctors note generators, which might eventually become a problem. The truth is you do not know who runs these services or what kind of data or meta data they collect when you download the fake forms.

Why expose yourself when you can replace that fake doctors note PDF with a real one that one of our doctors can send right to your inbox?

Advantages of Getting your Doctors Note Online Outweigh the Disadvantages of Forging One!

Getting an online doctor’s note is not only ethical and legal.

Think about it. To get the best fake doctors note you can, there are plenty of details you must keep in mind:

·        Date

·        Address

·        Phone number

·        Email address

·        Doctor’s name, license number, and seal/logo

Our doctors here at Antidote Health have everything ready.

Printable Doctors Note

Any doctors note that you get from Antidote Health is also printable. You can present it physically or forward it as a PDF, hassle-free, generating as many copies as necessary for your own records or for multiple recipients.

Regardless of who issues your online doctors note, you should always get a real one from a licensed physician. Any way you look at it, the fake ones just aren't worth it.


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