Free Telehealth Mobile App for Patients

We help you take care of your health wherever you go with our free telehealth mobile app. Here is how AntidoteHealth helps you on the go.

Free Telehealth Mobile App for Patients

Healthcare wherever you go, now there’s a wonderful idea that can benefit you in many ways. That is why we have launched our own mobile app. Once you download AntidoteHealth’s free telehealth mobile app, you will be able to contact your doctor safely wherever you are for the same price.

Here are some of the benefits of taking your doctor with you wherever you go on your cellphone:

  • Access to your doctor from remote areas 
  • Instant help when you need immediate medical care
  • Convenient one-click calls to your doctor
  • The possibility of tracking health data that will help you and your doctor 
  • Access to a wide range of healthcare professionals immediately
  • The opportunity to tie machine-learning and AI to our mobile app development to improve the level of care we can deliver

Our Telehealth Mobile App FAQ:

Is my medical information protected when I use AntidoteHealth’s telehealth mobile app?

All the information you disclose to AntidoteHealth, whether you do it through our web-based telehealth platform or our mobile app, is protected by HIPAA. Additionally, we use the most advanced security protocols to keep all the data you provide safe. You can read more about how we keep your data safe on our privacy policy page [PLEASE LINK].

Is this a mobile app for mental health?

Although we offer mental health services through our mobile app, this is just one of the services we offer. We have a wide range of healthcare professionals ready to help you wherever you might be, as long as you have a cellphone signal or Wi-Fi.

How do I download AntidoteHealth’s mobile app?

You can download our mobile app for Android from the Google Play app store from the Apple App Store. The app will also allow you to subscribe to our telehealth services, which will give you access to everything AntidoteHealth has to offer on your desktop or through any browser, whether you are on your phone, table, or your computer. 

Are the services that are available on your mobile telehealth app different from the ones you offer on AntidoteHealth’s web-based platform?

We launched our telehealth mobile app for patients to extend every service we offer to you wherever you are. You will have the same level of access to our full range of healthcare services whether you choose to install our mobile app or you gain access to our services through your browser.

Is your telehealth app free?

AntidoteHealth’s telehealth app is completely free. There are no additional costs once you are subscribed to our services, whether you choose to use our mobile app or you contact us through the browser. There are no additional costs either way.

Why should I choose AntidoteHealth from all the mobile apps for healthcare?

There is a wide range of mobile apps for healthcare available. Not all of them provide access to healthcare professionals. Many of them are categorized as healthcare apps but should be categorized as exercise apps or diet apps. Most of these apps are also focused on tracking data.

We use our app to give you access to healthcare services and to track a wide range of data that will help you and your doctor better understand what you need to help you stay healthy, or to improve our diagnosis. Thanks to machine-learning and AI, we can give you an integrated service that will multiply the benefits you can get.

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