How to grow leafy greens in small places

Leafy greens very common locally grown veggies, which is why it’s not odd to want to grow them right in your own home. Some of the leafy greens are lettuce, arugula, kale, and spinach.

How to grow leafy greens in small places

                             How To Grow Leafy Greens In Small Spaces?

Why did Popeye eat his spinach and get stronger? Simple: leafy greens are a great source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. There is no doubt that these vegetables are great for most people. But did you know that you don’t have to go to the grocery store to get them? Here is how you can grow them at home.

Why Would you Want to Grow Leafy Greens Instead of Buying Them?

Before we go into the how, let’s talk about the why. Leafy greens are pretty cheap and widely available at the grocery store, so why go through the trouble of growing them? For various reasons:

·      When you grow them at home there is a lower risk of contamination

·      Commercial growers sometimes grow leafy greens in unhealthy conditions – there have been recalls for salmonella and other pathogens

·      The leafy greens you grow at home can are more likely to be free from other contaminants – like chemicals

·      They look great and can become part of your house décor

·      There is a certain level of satisfaction you can get from growing part of your own food

·      It is a great activity to engage in especially if you have young children and want to teach them about the growing cycles of edible plants!

Grow your Leafy Greens in a Small Place!

The cost of growing your own leafy greens is also low. When we talk about the cost of growing them, we are not only talking about your budget. The kind of space you need to grow spinach or other similar greens for your salad, is not big at all.

All you need is a container that can be as small as 1 footlong and about 5 to 6 inches deep!

What Else do you Need to Grow Leafy Greens in a Small Place?

Getting the container is the first step, but what else do you need to grow your own greens? Here is a general list:

·      Soil/mud – some people use coco peat and compost along with the soil or mud

·      Seeds

·      Sunlight – direct sunlight through a window works!

·      Water – check how much water each kind of crop needs

Read about the kind of leafy green you want to grow. Some need a little more sun light than others, but they don’t usually need too many hours of sunlight. So, if you live further up north where winters are long and days get short, you might still be able to grow leafy greens at home.

Sow, Water, Grow, & Harvest!

Once you set up everything you need, you just need to sow and water your crops. Many leafy greens grow effortlessly if they get enough water, minerals from the soil, and the required amount of sunlight.

Most leafy greens will be ready for harvest after about a month. Some only need about two to three weeks until you can add them to your salad!

Enjoy the Benefits!

Now that you know how easy it is to grow leafy greens in a small space, you can set up your container and start growing. That way you can enjoy the benefits of eating them as well as growing them on your own!

The satisfaction of exploring what could become your next hobby, teaching your children in the process, and seeing the plants grow before your eyes is worth the effort. The cost of growing leafy greens in your own house is negligible, so, go ahead. Grow some spinach and enjoy!

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