Primary Care Doctors Can Increase Life Expectancy

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Primary Care Doctors Can Increase Life Expectancy

A primary care doctor near you, wherever you are in the US, should be your priority. That is mainly because research shows that access to primary care physicians correlates positively with an increase in life expectancy. So, what is holding you back? Are you currently looking for primary care doctors accepting new patients, and you live in rural areas where the nearest doctor is miles away down the road? Antidote Health has a wonderful solution for you, so you can benefit from a better quality of life and a longer life no matter where you live.

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

Primary Care doctors offer a more personalized care.

Before we delve into the advantages of having a primary health physician available when you need one, it is crucial to understand what a primary care doctor is and what role they play in our healthcare system:

·        Primary health doctors are your first contact with the healthcare system when you have undiagnosed health concerns

·        They follow up with you and make sure you get continuing care for your conditions

·        These doctors will be able to do this job regardless of your condition, organs, or systems affected by your medical condition

·        When there is a need to find a specialist, they will take care of recommending one, consulting with them, and follow up on any additional concerns

Research on Primary Care Doctors and Life Expectancy

After reading more about primary care doctors, it is likely that you already identified the advantages in having one. But, just in case you needed even more reasons to find one for you and for your family, we are going to highlight the main findings that a research group form Harvard and Stanford regarding primary care physicians and your life expectancy.

·        If you want to go straight to the bottom line: having access to primary care doctors can play a crucial role in increasing your life expectancy

·        Researchers found that for every 10 additional primary care doctors per 100,000 people, life expectancy rises by 51.5 days

·        Compared to specialists, primary care physicians have a much deeper impact on life expectancy

·        In the case of the latter, for every 10 additional specialists in a population of 100,000 life expectancy rises only by 19.2 days

It seems that their role as the doctors who follow up with their patients and perform all types of preventative medical procedures like testing and cancer screening, is what makes primary care doctors so important in our effort to extend life expectancy. It is not a stretch to assert that they should also have a role in the quality-of-life people have, although this particular research group did not study that aspect.

Primary Care Doctors Accepting New Patients Near You

Primary care physicians can now be accessed remotely with telehealth apps such as Antidote Health.

But what if you live in a sparsely populated area? For people living in rural communities in the US access to primary care physicians is limited. Looking for primary care doctors accepting new patients online, is likely to show you that there is one such doctor, tens of miles down the road. They might not even have enough time to take care of more patients.

This is where Antidote Health can come in and bridge the gap. We offer you access to primary care doctors accepting new patients that will always be just one click away. Thanks to our telehealth platform, you will always have access to your doctor, who will be able to check in with you wherever you are, order the necessary tests, and follow up with you on your treatment.

A ’Primary Care Doctor Near Me’ Always!

Our primary care doctors will always be near you. They are available 24/7 and they can even fill in prescriptions when you need them. The only thing you must do to have access to them is to download our app or sign up for Antidote Health services online. Extend your life expectancy, improve your quality of life, and enjoy all the other benefits of having a ‘primary care doctor near me’ through our convenient telehealth platform!

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