Should You Supplement Your Health Insurance With Telehealth?

Telehealth is an excellent supplement to your insurance coverage. We can show you how telehealth & insurance coverage go hand in hand.

Should You Supplement Your Health Insurance With Telehealth?

Insurance coverage is one of the most important assets you can have. You never know when you are going to need it. No one can tell when they will fall ill or where they are going to be when that happens either. So, should you rely only on your insurance knowing that you can complement it with Antidote Health services to get affordable and instant medical coverage for any eventuality you might face far away from home or in the middle of the night?

Doctor on Demand!

There are many more advantages to complementing your insurance coverage with a Telehealth service such as ours:

·        Doctors on demand who can prescribe

·        Machine learning applied to your diagnosis

·        Designated doctors available in case you had a work accident

·        Psychologists and a myriad of other healthcare professionals that can take care of you remotely

·        Affordable care – our subscription is probably cheaper than your deductible

·        No need to leave the comfort of your house to get the treatment you need

·        We are open 24/7. All you need is internet

·        A quick call to one of our doctors might save you a trip to the emergency room

Our service is such an advantage that there are even some insurance companies out there willing to reimburse you for Telehealth services once you go above the deductible.

Smart Healthcare With Antidote Health

If you think about it, it makes sense for your insurance provider to partner up with us or other Telehealth providers:

·        Having doctors available 24/7 from the comfort of your house, encourages you to “visit” the doctor more frequently

·        When you make it to your checkups and you see a doctor regularly, you are more likely to catch any anomaly early on

·        This helps you avoid developing pre-existing conditions down the line, which are of course not covered by insurers

·        That contributes to your wellbeing, making you a lower risk person to insure

·        It is even possible that joining a service like ours could one day become a factor for actuaries to reduce your insurance premium

Antidote Health Promotes Peace of Mind

But above everything else, complementing your insurance coverage with Antidote Health buys you peace of mind:

·        You know we are there for you when you need it the most. We can be a very helpful first call

·        Take a look at what happened with the pandemic. Having Antidote Health services available can help you avoid going to clinics or hospitals, which means less exposure

·        Move wherever you want and take your trusted medical staff with you

·        We can also take care of the whole family. There are a wide range of specialists available

·        The anonymized data we have helps our algorithm empower your doctor to make better decisions than other doctors in traditional brick-and-mortar settings

Bridge the Coverage Gap!

Now that you know just how important it is to bridge that insurance coverage gap with Antidote Health, you can sign up and try our service out. Experience what thousands of people have, and get the peace of mind you deserve. We are here for you around the clock to make your life better and your healthcare more effective!  

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