Six Ways To Kick That Cold To The Curb

Trying to get rid of a cold fast? We've got your covered. Treat your cold at home with these six simple home remedies to get you feeling better in no time.

Six Ways To Kick That Cold To The Curb

Six ways to kick that cold to the curb

Everyone knows (and dreads) that feeling. That scratchy sensation at the back of your throat, the runniness of your nose throughout the day, and the drowsy feeling no coffee seems to be able to kick. That’s right. You’re getting sick.

You know what’s going on but not sure what to do. First off, take a deep breath and relax because we’re here to let you in on six simple remedies that can help you get over this hump and start feeling better again.

1. Drink Up

Ideally, you should be drinking around 2 liters of water a day- crazy, right? Don’t drown yourself, just take it one sip at a time, and you’ll get there. Drinking this much will help thin out your mucus, soothe that sore throat and flush out the toxins in your body to help fight the virus. Pro tip: if plain water starts to get a bit boring, stir it up by adding some honey and lemon to it, or squeeze in a bit of sports drink to pack in those extra electrolytes.

2. Try a Netti pot

Although as tiny as it is, this teapot does stir up a lot of discomfort in people when needing to use it. But don’t be intimidated by it. It really does do wonders to clear up that runny nose! Simply fill up the teapot with lukewarm water (try to avoid tap water) and add a dash of salt to it. While keeping eye-contact with yourself in the mirror, tip the small nozzle into one nostril and let the liquid drip through and out of the other nostril. It shouldn’t sting or choke you. If it does, try angling your head slightly differently until you get it right. Do this a few times and feel the relief of being able to breathe normally again!

3. Get yourself some soup

Eating endless bowls of soup is one of the greatest excuses for being unwell. Whether you decide to make it yourself or buy it, pour yourself a hot bowl and snuggle up on the couch or in bed (tip: drinking it from a mug makes the experience a whole lot cozier). The best kind of soups is chicken broth-based. The broth's saltiness helps soothe sore throats, steams up nasal passages, and just makes you feel an amazing sense of calmness.

4. Make time for some TLC

Squeeze some ‘you time’ into your schedule and take a hot bubble bath, shower, or even fill up a deep bowl with steaming hot water and place your face over the steam to loosen up congestion and open up those pores. The warmth from any of these options will relieve any pressure you’re feeling and ease up those headaches you might be experiencing.

5. Spice up your day

If you can handle it, try eating some spicy food to help get the mucus in your body moving. Steamy spicy bowls of ramen, curry, or chili can give you add a little zing and comfort to your day.

6. Add in some humidity

Dust off that humidifier you had lying around (and if you don’t have one, now would be the time to consider making that purchase) and put it by your bedside. Make sure you have clean filters first and then start that baby up. The moisture from the air will allow you to breathe more easily through the night and help get you the rest you need to speed up your healing process. Two birds, one stone.

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