The Benefits Of Having A Designated Doctor

Workplace accidents happen. A designated doctor can help you with your treatment after workplace injury with much more than just paperwork.

The Benefits Of Having A Designated Doctor

Getting a doctor’s note is one thing. Having a physician who is an expert in occupational medicine, especially when you need more than just a sick note, is crucial. When you have a long-term health issue that will affect your ability to work, then you need a lot more than just a sick note. That is when you call your designated doctor.

What is a Designated Doctor?

So, what exactly is a designated doctor?

·        A physician selected by a worker’s compensation division or panel’, or an insurance company, according to the law in your state

·        These doctors solve issues that have to do with long-term disability, work-related injury, or illness

·        They also resolve certain insurance disputes related to these issues, and can design a plan for your medical recovery after a workplace injury

·        Designated physicians generally work for your employer’s insurance company

When do I Need a Designated Doctor?

According to the definition, you need a designated doctor when you are injured while you are working, or you discover some other kind of ailment that will affect your ability to work. These physicians will be able to evaluate the case and make the necessary recommendations to patients, insurance companies, and employers.

If you do not agree with the appreciation of the doctor that evaluated you, you may be able to ask for a second opinion. That will depend on the local laws, regulations, and the conditions under which your employer is insured.

The designated physician will proceed to determine:

·        The degree of gravity of your injury

·        How long are you expected to be away from work

·        Whether you will have some kind of permanent handicap or damage from your injury

This data is used to calculate your compensation while you are absent from work recovering from injury or illness, and the best medical plan for your recovery.

A Designated Physician and Emergency Medical Care

It is important to stress that the job of a designated physician takes place after the person who is injured at work, is taken to hospital, given emergency medical care, and if need be, operated on. Designated doctors generally have nothing to do with a medical emergency. They just evaluate patients for compensation and to come up with a plan for the patient’s recovery.

There are, however, some designated urgent care physicians. These doctors can take care of some emergencies and in some cases, it is cheaper to seek the help of your designated urgent care physician than going to the ER.

Designated Doctors and Telehealth

As you might have figured out already, a lot of the work that a designated physician does, can be done online. The patient does not have to be physically present necessarily to be evaluated.

Therefore, you will begin to see more designated doctors offering their services through Telehealth companies, given that many of them have agreements with insurers. This can make the service more practical for everyone involved, and more efficient.

Benefits of Having Access to a Designated Doctor

Whether you can visit a designated doctor through a Telehealth provider or you do so physically, you will be able to enjoy a few important benefits:

·        Statistically, you are more likely to return to work faster if a specialist in occupational medicine is involved in your medical recovery

·        Designated doctors can help speed up the compensation process to get insurance payments flowing faster

·        Many of these physicians are not only experts in occupational hazards and accidents, but in those that have to do with your industry specifically

·        This gives them an edge in prevention and treatment after an injury

If you are Injured or Fall Ill, Remember to Contact an Occupational Medicine Expert!

These are all important factors to keep in mind if you ever have a workplace accident or fall ill suddenly. As much as some might think that missing work is relieving, when it comes to injury or illness, it is a serious matter that should be taken care of by professionals so that you can come back as soon as possible.

After all, work is not only rewarding. It is also necessary, especially when you know that short-term disability or injury benefits will eventually run out. You should always aim for the best recovery possible as fast as possible, and your designated doctor can be the key factor in achieving those goals.



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