The New York Times Tackles the Issue of Healthcare Cost Transparency

With such a lack of healthcare cost transparency it is no wonder that Americans have the most expensive system. But that is about to change.

The New York Times Tackles the Issue of Healthcare Cost Transparency

Living in the US means you pay the highest healthcare costs in the world. Per capita expenditure on health in America is close to $11,000 USD, by far the highest in the world. That is about 40% higher than the next country on the list, Switzerland.

If you have been asking yourself, how can that be, you might be surprised about what we are about to tell you next. It turns out that one of the leading – if not the leading – reasons for these exorbitant expenses is alack of healthcare cost transparency. Your insurance company has been negotiating fees with hospitals and both parties have been keeping you in the dark regarding their price agreements, a practice that contributes to rising prices for you and your employer.

The NY Times Tackles the Issue of Healthcare Cost Transparency

Healthcare is not always transparent.

Why is healthcare cost transparency such a big deal? After all whatever the agreement is between the insurance companies and the hospitals does not matter because you have insurance, right? Well insurance premiums rise according to the pricing. You and your employer are stuck with the bill in the end, as insurers and hospitals agree to fees that benefit their bottom line.

The NY Times was the first to expose this lack of transparency.

A recent New York Times article exposed this practice. Its journalists claim that the prices of certain procedures can even be cheaper overall if you come to the hospital uninsured. That does not mean that it is cheaper for you if you are covered by insurance, at least if:

·        You have a good benefits package from your employer

·        Your deductibles are either low or non-existent

·        There is no copay in your health coverage

Insurance Premiums are the Key

Even then, if your employer gets stuck with increasing insurance premiums after hospitals and insurers negotiate their rates, it could mean that your coverage could be scaled back. Employers might even stop offering certain types of coverage, which judging by current labor market conditions would seem as an ill-advised.

Nevertheless, something has to give as they say. This is exactly where comes in. We can help you navigate this world in which a lack of healthcare cost transparency can affect you profoundly even if it does so subtly.

Which type of health insurance suits you best?

Antidote Health’s PLUS Plan Provides the Healthcare Cost Transparency you and your Family Need

Antidote Health’s PLUS Plan is one of the tools you and your family can use to overcome this lack of transparency that results in rising prices and insurance premiums. Our staff is here to help you navigate thesystem and find the best rates for you.

The PLUS Plan gives you the following advantages:

·        A doctor available for you through our app on a 24/7 basis

·        Unlimited doctor visits

·        Acute and primary care medication included

Our doctors and staff can also give you the advice you need to find your way through the system. Allow us to be your guide; we understand how these deals between insurers and hospitals work and we can help you avoid unnecessary hospital visits through:

·        A focus on preventive medicine – having unlimited doctor visits means your physician will have a virtual hand on your health’s pulse at all times

·        Our emergency care options that can help you avoid the ER

Choose Antidote Health for its Quality of Service and Enjoy the Transparency

You can save thousands with a transparent healthcare plan at Antidote Health.

Above all, we will always be transparent with you. Our plans are easy to understand, and you will always get what you paid for. Antidote Health will always be affordable because unlike some insurers and hospitals out there, we focus squarely on your wellbeing.

Check our PLUS Plan out and see how you can get medical coverage that works for you and your family.

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