What Is GERD Diet & How Does It Benefit You?

Controlling GERD with your diet is possible. Antidote Health can help you understand GERD & how to control by changing what you eat.

What Is GERD Diet & How Does It Benefit You?

It is quite likely that at some point in your life you have experienced heartburn. That burning sensation caused by acid reflux, is not normally a recurring symptom. Unless you suffer from GERD, in which case you are likely to suffer from heartburn often. So, what is this condition exactly and how can you use a GERD diet to help you with your symptoms?

What is GERD?

To understand this condition and what you can do about it at home, it is important to know exactly what GERD is:

·        GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

·        It involves frequent acid reflux

·        The acid goes up where your stomach and your esophagus meet, which gives you heartburn

GERD Symptoms

Be aware of your diet to avoid uncomfortable situations.

While heartburn is the most commonly GERD associated symptom, there are other GERD symptoms you should be watching out for:

·        Difficulty swallowing

·        Chest pains

·        Feeling as if you had a lump stuck in your throat

·        Regurgitating sour liquid or food that you recently ate

·        Laryngitis

·        Cough

·        Sleep disruption

GERD Must be Treated Before it Leads to More Serious Issues

Although you might shrug any of the symptoms above quite easily, ignoring them can lead to more serious, GERD-induced problems ahead. When left untreated, GERD can cause an ulcer or even become the precursor to esophageal cancer.

It is therefore crucial to treat this condition quickly and swiftly. You should consult your doctor if you have any of the symptoms above especially if they are recurring symptoms.


If you want to help yourself and increase the efficacy of any treatment your doctor might give you, you should change your diet. In fact, most people manage GERD by changing the way they eat. A steady diet that avoids acidifying food, encourages the consumption of alkalinizing food, and focuses on increasing your intake of high-fiber and watery food, are the corner stones of the GERD diet.

A GERD diet should avoid:

·        Fried food

·        Excessive use of condiments

·        Alcohol consumption to the extent possible

·        Excessive consumption of citric fruits

·        Food made with dough such as pizza

·        Excessively fatty food, like certain cheeses and cuts of meat

On the other hand, a GERD diet should contain:

·        Oats

·        Vegetables that are not acidic

·        Watery fruits

·        Nuts

·        Soups

There is a variety of elaborate GERD diet menus online to choose from, which makes it easier to transition into your GERD diet. Nevertheless, giving up some of the food that worsens your condition, might not be easy to begin with.

Antidote Health can Help!

You can get relief from painful symptoms.

This is where our doctors and other healthcare professionals can step in to help. Your Antidote Health doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary medication to help with GERD symptoms, while other healthcare professionals like a dietician or a psychologist, will be able to help you with your food and the choices you make.

Ultimately, you should always keep in mind that the small sacrifice is worth it when it comes to GERD. Remember, the alternative to a change in diet and proper medical attention can be unpleasant, painful, or even life-threatening.

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