Why Is Telehealth Convenient For People Who Have Healthcare?

Telehealth is a convenient complementary service for people with healthcare plans & insurance. Antidote Health can show you how & why.

Why Is Telehealth Convenient For People Who Have Healthcare?

Healthcare extends way beyond insurance coverage. From non-medical treatments such as massages, to nutrition, and even herbal extract supplements, we are increasingly inclined to think about healthcare as a holistic endeavor. Many of these complementary activities or supplements that we take, are not covered by insurance, but are an integral part of our healthcare plan. Telehealth should also be considered as an integral part o four healthcare plan.

The reason why we should consider Telehealth even when our most basic medical needs are covered by insurance, is because it is convenient. That convenience plays a multi-faceted role in our healthcare plan. Here is why it is so important and how it can improve your healthcare altogether.

Not a Substitute, But Rather a Complement

Antidote Health offers a convenient solution

To some, Telehealth is not about convenience, but rather a budgetary issue: healthcare for those who cannot afford insurance. While it is true that Telehealth is an option for those who want to bridge the gap between not being insured and having access to a doctor at affordable rates, this is not the only segment of the market that should be looking at Telehealth.

Those who are insured should use Telehealth services as a complement:

·        It is convenient, with doctors available 24/7 – who could even save you from a trip to the emergency room

·        On demand service allows you to get an “appointment” in minutes when your brick-and-mortar clinic doctors might be fully booked two weeks in advance

·        Doctors are available when you travel

·        You can get medical attention through your device even in remote areas

·        No need to drive and get into traffic to see your doctor

·        Peace of mind – you know you will get medical service when you need it

This last point is especially important. How valuable is your peace of mind in terms of your holistic healthcare approach?

Smart Complement to your Healthcare

Antidote Health telehealth services gives you peace of mind in more ways than you can imagine:

·        Securing your data – with industry-leading security protocols, all HIPAA compliant

·        Adding an AI/machine learning component to enhance your doctor’s diagnostic tools

·        The ability to get medical attention on demand, 24/7, even after a natural disaster – if you get snowed in, there is a hurricane warning, or anything similar

Forget the Stress, Just Call Us!

Telehealth is a convenient solution to healthcare
Take control of your healthcare

If having an Antidote Health account lowers your stress levels, even if you do not use it as often – or even not at all – lower stress levels will contribute to your overall health. However, if you are still stressed and you would like to see a psychologist to help you cope for instance, you have access to one through your subscription. In fact, we have a wide variety of specialists that you can have access to under the same membership:

·        Dermatologists

·        Designated doctors

·        Physiotherapists

·        Pediatricians

This is a great complement to your current healthcare plan.

Complement your Healthcare Plan with Antidote Health

Now that you know just how Telehealth complements your insurance coverage and your holistic approach to healthcare, you can sign up for Antidote Health and start benefitting from all the advantages we offer.  

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