Why the Antidote Debit Card is Better Than a Traditional Prescription Savings Card

What is a prescription saving card, where do you get one, how do you use it and why is our debit card better? Antidote Health explains.

Why the Antidote Debit Card is Better Than a Traditional Prescription Savings Card

If you are trying to lower your prescription drug bills, you might have heard about a prescription savings card. But have you taken a look into our own Antidote Health debit card and how much more beneficial it is? Here is everything you need to know about prescription savings cards and how our solution compares to them.

What is a Prescription Savings Card?

How much do you really save with a prescription savings card?

Before we engage in the comparison, it is important to understand what a prescription savings card is:

·        A card that grants you a discount on your prescription medicine which is usually found online

·        You download it and show it to the pharmacist when you are going to pay for your prescription medication

·        It is also known as a prescription discount card

·        When you use one, your savings can range between 20% and 70% of the price of your prescription medication

·        These cards are usually not product-specific

·        They can be used to buy prescription medication for your family members as well

·        There are several services that offer them

·        To get the discounts, these card services negotiate a discount for their members with prescription drug manufacturers or pharmacies

What are the Limitations of a Prescription Savings Card?

After you read the definition of what a prescription discount card does, a few limitations become clear:

·        You can only use them with certain pharmacies

·        Nothing is free, which means every time you use the card you are generating data that the card provider might be collecting for its own purposes

Other limitations are not as clear:

·        In most cases you cannot use these discount cards with your insurance

·        In other cases, when you use the savings card that prevents you from building towards paying your insurance deductible and unlocking all the benefits of your policy

·        Prescription discount cards cannot be used with Medicare or Medicaid

·        You always need to ask your pharmacist whether it is better to pay out of pocket with your discount card or if you will pay less with your co-pay

How does Antidote Health Solve These Problems?

Antidotes debit card offers you piece of mind knowing you are covered upfront.

Our team designed the Antidote Health debit card to overcome as many of the limitations above as possible. We do not have a co-pay or any other benefit that requires asking your pharmacist for a price comparison. Our debit card, which is available with the Plus plans, offers the following:

·        Automatically finds the lowest price for your prescription medication across various pharmacies

·        It covers the payment for your medication

·        Through Apple or Google pay, the card loads the amount needed to pay for your prescription drugs and pays

·        The card is completely virtual, so no need to carry anything around

The Benefits of Using Antidote Health’s Debit Card

The benefits of our debit card over the prescription savings card are evident:

·        Why get a discount when our debit card covers the full cost?

·        You do not need to look for it online; it comes with your Plus plan

·        Regardless of your insurance coverage, our debit card covers your prescription drug bill

How do I get an Antidote Health Debit Card?

Now that you understand what a prescription savings card is and why Antidote Health’s debit card is superior, it is time to sign up for our Plus plan. Take full advantage of the Plus membership and all the additional benefits that is offers. Check out all the benefits the plan offers and see how much you can get beyond your debit card.

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