Your Health Takes Priority in 2021

Nothing is better than starting off a new year on a healthy and happy note. 2020 has been a struggle, but 2021 will be.

Your Health Takes Priority in 2021

                                                                       2021 Is All AboutYour Health

We all know what next year’s theme is going to be. After2020 brought so much hardship, 2021 will be all about your health. It is time for us to understand what we can improve on and make an effort to be healthier in every respect. Here is how you can make next year about your well-being.

Let’s Pay Attention to What we Eat

Health is a complex topic, but diet is an undeniable component. This is a good starting point for a healthy 2021. We must try to understand the kind of food that we eat and what are its effects on us.

Now let’s be completely clear about this. We are not advocating for one kind of diet over another. What we are saying is to simply gain a better understanding to figure out what is good for each one of us:

·      Some people have subtle reactions to certain foods that require more attention. Listen to your body!

·      Diets can become fashion items. You don’t have to keep up with the latest trend, just with the food types and eating habits your body needs

·      Consult with a dietitian, or even with a few if you feel that you need help to figure out what is best for your body

Exercise According to Your Needs!

Besides your diet, physical activity is another key component of your well-being. When it comes to exercising you will face a similar situation to the one everyone faces with their diets: trends. Beyond that, some might have a motivational gap due to what they see the people around them can achieve.

Just like with food, there is no one size fits all approach to exercise. But there are some general recommendations you can follow:

·      Don’t try to keep up with anyone around you

·      Assess your own individual level of proficiency and decide what is the best course of action for you to get into better shape

·      An important point to consider is that we all start at different fitness levels

·      Do what makes you improve incrementally without taxing your body too much

·      Take care of your joints and muscles. Powerlifting and cross fit are not for everyone

·      Remember that if you walk every day you are exercising more than if you just stayed at home watching tv

·      Just like with diets, if you are not sure, consult with a fitness professional or several until you get the right exercise regime for yourself

Mental Health is Crucial!

Exercising to get your thoughts in shape is also important.2020 was a terrifying year for many. You can take care of the little things that will help you cope with stress and will allow you to keep your spirits up in 2021:

·      Challenge yourself with something new. Read and learn something about a topic you never explored

·      Revisit old challenges that you forgot about, like algebra, reading a paper map, or even writing about atopic you used to like

·      Engage in conversations with people around you, even if it is through video chat

·      Keep an eye out for the people around you. They might have had a rough year and could need a little more engagement in 2021

·      Try to focus on what you can do to build a better future for yourself. Leave the hypotheticals behind

Embrace your Health in 2021

Above all, it is important to focus on what you can do and what you control. 2020 was rough and there was a lot of emphasis on public health, the economy, politics and all those big topics that most of us have limited influence over.

2021 is all about your health. At an individual level you can do a lot for yourself. Embrace that and make sure you go through 2021seeking to improve your health. Just remember, if there is something affecting your health that you need help with, our doctors here at Antidote are here to assist.


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