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Antidote and Brokers –
A Perfect Partnership​

  • Our focus on long-term member retention and customer satisfaction ensures a win-win for everyone​.

  • Access to comprehensive training materials and plan information​

  • Highly competitive commissions

  • Ready-to-use communication templates in English and Spanish​

  • Dedicated support when you need it (even on weekends).

  • Innovative, affordable products, tailored with features your clients value most​

Members can easily take care of their health

Antidote plans includes many benefits that make it easy for members to take care of their health, including: Medical, Behavioral Health, Telehealth, Dental, Pediatric Care, and Vision. Experience the advantages of using our digital first approach to care.

Some examples of how members can use their benefits

Not feeling well? Need everyday care?

Go to our App or log into our website​

See a Provider for both general and pediatric needs with $0 copay*

Get the care you need 24/7!**

Get care

Concerned about a chronic condition such as diabetes or hypertension?

Go to our App or log into our website​

See your dedicated Provider to get care

Benefit from a number of $0 medications and discounted rates for eligible referrals***

Schedule a $0 copay
follow-up appointment with your specialized Provider*

Want to take care of your mental health? ​

Go to our App or log into our website​

Take our online assessment and start your first free session with your dedicated Provider

Start your easy to follow treatment plan with a list of benefits, online therapy groups and self-training content

Have regular
$0 copay visits*

The Antidote Plan Difference for Members​

Sick? Need chronic care? Want to take care of your mental health? ​

No Problem! Download our app or log in to our website​

$0 cost 24/7 virtual visits with our clinical team/ PCP/pediatricians for primary care, chronic care, or mental health care.​

Schedule free follow-
up appointments ​

Need a prescription? Enjoy an extensive list of $0 to minimal cost medication​

Received a referral? We help you find the right provider with discounted rates - you can even get cash back ​

Free virtual pediatric visits for families and additional family benefits​

24/7 affordable healthcare on your terms!​

Broker Help Desk

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