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Antidote Health was designed by healthcare professionals, to provide them with the tools to do what they do best - heal.

Everybody deserves care!

Make an impact on both individual Antidote health as well as society at large

The service is designed to impact both individual health as well as society at large, by providing services to those who would not otherwise receive medical care. When joining Antidote Health you join a group of purpose-driven healthcare professionals using their skills to make individuals and society in general healthier, happier, and more equal.

The freedom to heal

Antidote Health uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the patient screening process, freeing our experts from bureaucracy to do what they do best- heal patients.

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Become part of the future

By joining Antidote Health you join the wave of innovation sweeping the world of medicine. You will be familiarizing yourself with using a Telehealth platform and technologies you will be using for decades to come.

Broaden your impact

As an online service, Antidote Health enables you to help people and communities far beyond your physical reach, giving yourself the opportunity to make a greater impact by providing care to those you would not usually be able to see in a physical setting.

Give your patients the healthcare they deserve

The Antidote Health platform is uniquely geared to enable healthcare to be given as a gift to those who would otherwise go unserved. Your practice will experience the double impact of healing your regular patients as well as providing the underprivileged with the basic right of quality medical care.

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Work from anywhere, at whatever time you choose. Our platform gives you more control over your working environment and hours by providing you with the flexibility to create free time at your own convenience.

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