Bringing your employees care that matters in today’s new world

We provide a deeper relationship with your employee’s health, by making clinicians more accessible, costs more affordable, health trends more visible, and seamlessly connecting all the people and teams involved.

We offer care that matters in today’s new world

We can provide complementary health services to employees or families that are not covered today, such as:

  • For ANY employee family

  • Seasonal employees & their ENTIRE Family

  • Part-time employees & their ENTIRE Family

Building Blocks

Our solution is customized to any organization using our service building blocks

  • 24/7 Everyday Care

  • Mental Health

  • Financial Aid

  • Care Navigator

Our service offers 24/7 access to clinicians and health professionals so that your employees can get the care they need, when they need it.

Our state-of-the-art telehealth platform enables your entire Antidote care team to be on the same page about unique health conditions, from primary care to mental health, to specialty care like hypertension and diabetes. We work to help make your healthcare as affordable as possible by removing boundaries and providing financial tools to manage costs

Always On

Our doctors are available 24/7/365 for all your healthcare needs.
With average waiting times less than 10 minutes and service available via our mobile app, there is no reason to wait to see a doctor.


Choose a dedicated Antidote physician


Include children
and family members


Payment included without deductibles

Prescription Savings

Built in prescription coupons for a 11 patients

Centralized Records

Store all medical records in one safe place

Our Reach

75% of the US

Mental Health

  • Depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders

  • Designed to answer today’s challenges and stresses

  • Monitor and follow-up with patients in a way that maximizes treatment efficacy

  • Dedicated doctor for every patient

  • Medications included

We Will Save You Money

  • Access to multiple services with ONE fixed monthly price for all. No surprises.

  • Improving the outcome of care, reduce the cost of expensive needs such as ER and uncontrolled chronic conditions.

  • Serving as an audit for the need for procedures or exams.

  • Our Care Navigator will help guide the right decisions.

Financial Assistance

A 0%-APR “Buy-Now-Pay-Later” benefit can:

  • Help reduce employee financial stress

  • Increase employee satisfaction

  • Ability to save on premium costs by making higher deductible plans more acceptable

  • Increase healthcare affordability


From initial sign-up, to activation and first use

  • Welcome email

  • Kick-off meeting

  • Align expectations

  • Define next steps

  • Schedule regular progress updates

  • Best practice suggestions

  • Designated resource and subject matter expert

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