Take Control of Your Family's Health

Have peace of mind knowing that, day or night, we’re here for you and your family’s primary healthcare needs.

Introducing Our Family Subscription

Manage your family healthcare needs in one simple app all with a click. 
Add and remove family members, access medical history and prescriptions, view previous appointments and schedule and even attend visits for any family member. Antidote puts you in control of your family’s healthcare choices.

See a Clinician Within Minutes

From tap to clinician in less than 20 minutes. Anytime of day or night.

Choose a Designated Practitioner

Enjoy peace of mind with your designated family practitioner.



Visit the clinician via video as many times as you need.

Include All Family Members

Add members of your family and manage their settings.


Assistance with out-of-pocket drug expenses

We’ve made healthcare affordable for the entire family

Benefits of your Antidote Family Clinician

The health of any of your family members is the wellbeing of your whole family. That is why you want to have the best ‘family clinician near me’ wherever you go. Antidote Health offers exactly that, an affordable family subscription plan wherever you are, 24/7, and always at your fingertips.

No matter the age, we have your family health in mind, with family practitioners and specialists who can see you when you need it most. You do not even need to leave the comfort of your house to consult with your clinician.
Here are all the benefits you can expect from our family subscription plan:

  • On-demand clinicians for every member of your family

  • See a healthcare professional within five minutes of requesting an appointment

  • All our experts are board-certified

  • Get your prescription and get it filled instantly at a pharmacy near you

  • Affordable care for your whole household

  • The care that you need comes to you – convenience is important, especially when you have children and a demanding schedule

  • Our practitioners will even be able to help you with certain medical emergencies instantly

  • Have your trusted healthcare professional with you wherever you go