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You never know when you will have a medical emergency. Have peace of mind knowing you have access to a doctor at your fingertips 24/7/365!

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Why You Should Install the Antidote Mobile App Right Now

If you are on this page, it means you’ve probably heard about Antidote Health and the amazing benefits you stand to gain when you order one of our membership packages 

But for some reason, you haven’t installed our mobile app just yet.

Well, if you’re still considering the idea of installing this app, I'll like to let you in on some vital reasons why you should have this app “sitting cozy” on your phone.

Maybe you are one of those who screen every app before installing and you're probably wondering… 

Why should I install this app right away when I wouldn't use it until I need to see the doctor?

Yeah…I know it’s not unusual to feel this way. After all, you only go to the hospital when you’re sick and need urgent attention.

But here’s the deal.

Having the Antidote Mobile App on your phone is a smart way of being proactive. 


Think about the last time you were proactive about a situation. Those times… 

  • When you had a spare pen (only to discover that your favorite pen disappointed at the last min) 
  • When you consciously placed a safety pin in your bag (only to have a wardrobe malfunction two later)
  • When you delivered a project 1 week before the deadline (only to experience a mishap that would have delayed delivery by more than 2 weeks)

If you decided to go with the flow, you probably would have been faced with worst situations than you expected. 

Imagine searching for the app when your kids are sick.

…Or when you fall sick and need the attention of a doctor right away.

It’ll be really difficult to focus and search for an app at critical times like these. But when you have the Antidote already installed, it saves you a lot of time.

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Why Choose the Antidote Health App?

Board Certified Doctors

Speak with a nationally-board certified doctor and receive trusted advice wherever you are. Our world-renowned medical experts are specialists in their fields that provide diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, and work notes.

Quick Access

Avoid waiting in urgent care lines and get access to quality healthcare from the comfort of your home. Access a doctor 24/365 for you and your entire family. Schedule and start your health visit with a healthcare professional in under ten minutes.

Affordable Healthcare

Enjoy unlimited doctor's visits throughout the year, even without health insurance. Our affordable plans start at only $29 dollars and cover include new and existing acute prescriptions. Get high quality care on-demand, at a low cost.

Patients love using Antidote

In the App Store

Great service, friendly knowledgeable doctor. Very quick and efficient from the time I opened the app until I had an appointment. Saved me a trip to urgent care and got me the rx I needed in under half an hour.

App Store, Dec 2020

My doctor was so professional and made me feel so comfortable as soon as I got on camera. She listened intently to my issue and concerns, and then gave me great feedback.

Play Store, June 2021

And if you’re wondering…

Hmm…Is the Antidote Mobile App trusted?

You can be rest assured that our app is one of the highest-rated healthcare apps on both play store and iOS stores. This is not one of those whacky apps that when installed, pries into your privacy and gives off vital information. Our app is virus and malware-free.  

Will I Pay to Install the App?

Absolutely not! Installing our mobile app is free and you only pay when you use our service. So, if you’re not ready to use our service just yet, feel free to install the app at no cost.

Why Is It So Important?

Having our mobile app installed on your device is just like having a doctor in your pocket. When health situations arise, all you have to do is reach out for your phone and consult our online doctors immediately. It’s that easy when you’ve already taken steps to install our app.

So, don’t go one more day without taking proactive steps to have our app installed on your device.

It only takes just a few clicks to have this unique app running on your device.

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How It Works

Download our telemedicine app and start managing your health care within seconds. Easily add
family members, access medical history and prescriptions, view previous doctor care notes,
schedule visits for all, and even attend calls for family even when apart.

  • How it Works: Download our app

  • Our technology based will ask about your symptoms to put you in front
    of a doctor faster

  • You can schedule a doctor appointment for a time that is convenient or choose to see a
    doctor immediately

  • See a doctor on a live video call to diagnose any symptoms in real time. If needed, get a
    prescription for your local pharmacy or a recommend referral

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